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“We nurture growing businesses, giving them the resources needed to help them succeed.”

Our Chicago C.P.A. firm acts as a pillar of the local West Ridge community. We are a specialized team that provides all levels of industry-specific services to leading organizations and businesses throughout West Ridge. These services include:

Our team at the A.C.T. Group, L.L.C., aims to provide local businesses with immediate assistance, so they receive the best technical expertise needed to navigate the modern business climate.

Let us nurture your growing business. Our accountants in West Ridge will provide the resources you need to succeed.

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Have you ever been stood up by your C.P.A.? Or perhaps you are looking to start up your own business but don’t know what the first step would be.

The A.C.T. Group, L.L.C., provides a complete range of financial assistance. Our hard work ethic and consistency with delivering high-quality accounting have earned us a reputation for professional excellence.


Our Accounting Services

Strong financial statements and accurate record-keeping make up the backbone of any successful business. Unfortunately, these tasks are incredibly tedious and often take up more of your valuable time than they should.

Let us take this burden off your hands. Our West Ridge C.P.A. firm specializes in QuickBooks, allowing us to manage your transactions and books efficiently. We will supply you with accurate financial statements, amongst the many other accounting services we offer.

Our services will free your business from the burden of completing bookkeeping work, monotonous financial papers and tax preparation. It’s time for you to focus on what your team does best.

Our accounting services include:

Assistance for Start-Up Businesses

Start-up businesses have a lot of things to figure out in the financial department. The A.C.T. Group, L.L.C. will help your West Ridge company:

  • Obtain an EIN
  • Guide you on entity choices
  • Complete any other tax filing and financial services you may need

Traditional Services

We can also help both individuals and businesses with financial statements and tax preparations. Our team is proficient in audits, reviews, and tax returns – let us know what you need, and we will help you get there.


Consulting for West Ridge Businesses

Every company strives for growing value for its shareholders. While this is consistently one of the ultimate goals for businesses, this process can easily go south if not planned and executed properly. Even rapid growth and success can be severely dangerous.

Our team is dedicated to working day in and day out to ensure that your company is ready for both security and profitability in the future. Whether you own an existing business or are just starting up your Chicago business, your growth and success will be our number one priority.


Have you ever said, “My CPA never returns my calls.”

Or, “I love everything about my business except for the bookkeeping.”

Perhaps, “I’d really like to start my own business, but I don’t know where to begin.”

Please contact our West Ridge Accounting Firm by email, or call us at (773) 657-9810.


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Training Services in West Ridge

One of the biggest hidden money losses for companies is a lack of training, even for the little things. You can correct performance gaps through proper training. When staff members are correctly taught the ins and outs of their responsibilities, you will save stress, money, and time.

Are you ready to get going with your West Ridge company, but hitting a snag in the road when the rest of your staff isn’t quite on the same page?

This is where we come in. We will analyze your workflow to help identify any problems that preventing productive work at your company. After our analysis, we address these concerns immediately. Our team will set up an accounting system, as well as provide training for yourself and your staff to prepare your whole team for success.

There is a lot to learn when starting a new job, despite the advanced capabilities of computers. Technology can do seemingly anything these days, except tell you exactly how to utilize it. With an influx of new updates to existing programs and brand-new programs, there’s a lot to learn all the time. Our C.P.A. firm will alleviate this stress for you with the training you need.

West Ridge 60659 Accounting Team You Can Trust

Our team brings our years of experience in providing secure accounting practices to your business. We work tirelessly to earn the trust and respect from our extensive list of clients, and we look forward to assisting your needs however we can.

We understand that each one of our clients will have unique circumstances, backgrounds, objectives, and needs. Our team takes the time to listen and understand the situation before applying our expertise appropriately. Utilizing the strategy of working closely with you allows us to ask the right questions and fully focus on your company’s needs.

Contact us today to get set up with accountants in West Ridge you trust.

How to Find the Best CPA Firm for Your Small Business

by Larry Little, CPA
Now is the time of year when you should re-evaluate your accounting and tax-service provider. Your CPA should be your partner in business, guiding you toward prosperity and profitability… Find out more by downloading our free PDF file on how to find the best CPA for your Small Business. (Download PDF)

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