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What is the difference between a Compilation, a Review, and an Audit?

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Here is a partial list of resources our clients have access to:

  • Year end tax saving tips.
  • Corporate tax preparation (what we need from you to get started).
  • Three things you must do in December to prepare for your year end.
  • Videos showing how to work with the Accountant’s copy of your QuickBooks data file.


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Using a Certified CPA Firm

Accounting skills learned during a business owner’s early career can help channel limited financial resources to productive areas. When it comes to businesses at their infant stage, money and capital is of utmost importance. If you don’t know how to handle the company’s ledgers, keep track of it, and channel it into the proper areas, the consequences are likely going to shut your business down.

Money or Capital, which serves as a catalyst for any business, needs proper caring and vigilance in order to remain competitive. A significant reason for a business’s success is its effective financial management. This necessitates the importance of accounting services for small business needs, as well as individual filings. Below are just a few reasons why you should hire the top accountants in Edgewater, irrespective of the business being large or small:


1. MANAGE DAY-TO-DAY TRANSACTIONS: Every business, be it small or large, comes across money related transactions everyday, which includes income and expenses. An accountant, being proficient in keeping track of all of this, can help you manage the day to day transactions in an organized fashion.

2. COST-CUTTING: When it comes to daily business activities, there are various costs that are incurred by businesses to keep them running. Certain costs can be avoided if you have an expert in the field who knows the intricacies of cost cutting strategies. If you want to see your costs decline, we can help.

3. AUDIT & TAX SERVICES: According to government regulations, every business needs to pay taxes to the government and get its financial statement properly audited. This work should not be done by an amateur since it involves a lot of technical details. Let our experience handle this for you.

4. TIME-SAVING: It is not wrong to say that in this competitive world, time is money, and nobody wants to waste time solving complex riddles of income and expenses. If this work is designated to us, your work load will be minimized, which saves you a lot of time. You can use that time for creating effective business strategies.

5. EFFECTIVE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: You cannot formulate business strategies unless you know the position of your assets and liabilities, and of your income and expenses. This task is ensured by us through thoroughly engaging in financial management, giving you a clear picture of your financial position of business.



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