Small Business Accounting Chicago


We offer cash flow analysis, reporting, and financial statement preparation to identify cost savings and added value.

We can help you save money, run your business productively, train your staff, and prepare you for profitability.

We have staff with Advanced Certification in QuickBooks — we can help you manage your business every step of the way.


Start-Up Business Assistance

  • Filing of Required Tax Forms
  • Obtaining a FEIN
  • Guidance on Entity Choices
  • Small Business Professional Referrals


Traditional Accounting Services

  • Tax Preparation for Businesses and Individuals
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Condominium Association Tax Returns (Flat Fee)
  • Audits / Reviews / Compilations for Not-for-Profit Corporations


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You deserve to have more.. more time and more organization. We can help you organize all of your financial information in one place so you can have more time for your business, your clients, and even yourself.

Use our resources to help you to organize your business.

With our full accounting services, we can teach you how to write checks, pay bills, create invoices, track customer payments, create reports and more.



“The A.C.T. Group has been our accountant for 12 years.  They have been beyond stellar in their professionalism and knowledge.  They helped us understand the step by step processes and to create systems in our business that would ensure accurate, complete and consistent tax filings.


When I began working with them I was new to owning and managing a small business.  The A.C.T. Group took the time to teach us the basics and grow our skills.  As the business has grown, they have supported us and provided excellent tax planning services and great advice.


Owning a small business is challenging and very, very hard work…without The A.C.T. Group, I would be lost and disgruntled.  Tax planning and completing the taxes is NOT an activity that I like or even remotely enjoy…their team makes it bearable.


The staff always follow up quickly and is a pleasure to work with.  Special kudos to Valerie who manages the front desk..she makes you feel like  you are the only client in the world when you call!


Their rates are fair and reasonable—even low for the level of service, professionalism and expertise.”


~Seowa Gbala, IHS Training Services, Inc.


Financial integrity is the most important aspect of any small business, especially during its initial stages. Many small business owners tend to think that they can take charge of the financial aspect of their business, only to realize that it is not as easy as they think. This is the main reason for hiring an accountant like The A.C.T. Group, LLC. We will handle the financial record keeping aspect of your business while you concentrate on different aspects of your business.

Hiring an accountant helps the company save a lot of money in the long run. The importance of hiring a firm like The A.C.T. Group, LLC is that it offers you some kind of insurance against any ineffective financial management. This means that we can offer advice on the type of business to venture into, depending on the available capital. We can help strategize on how your company will make profit within a stipulated amount of time.

We help in day to day financial transactions, manage tax preparation, and help oversee your employees’ payroll. We can also make plans for necessary changes in business expenses to ensure there are no additional costs that would affect your business negatively.

In addition, we can safeguard your business against audit and help plan expansion of your business to other locations. And, if possible, help you to sell the business if you are willing and able.

If your business is experiencing any problem, we can help to identify the cause of the problem and find a solution to it. We can come up with new plans to save your business. We can also work with creditors so as to establish a payment plan.

If you are a small business owner, ensure you get the services of Edgewater’s top certified accountants, and see your business thrive.