Small Business Consultants Chicago

Our comprehensive team works for you at every level, from general assessment, to strategy development, to detailed implementation.

We incorporate our skills and experiences to help you define then outline your ideal vision and business strategy.

Non-Profit Board Consultations

  • Fiduciary responsibility presentation
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Internal control evaluation
  • Audit preparation
  • Review board policies

Business Owner Consultations

  • Profitability (or lack of) analysis
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Tax planning


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  • Government Tax Forms
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QuickBooks® Consulting Services

We offer one-on-one QuickBooks training services in our office.

QuickBooks ProAdvisor

  • Set-Up/Installation
  • Training
  • Support
  • Monthly Review

quickbooks pro

Businesses need to identify methods on how to run management effectively and efficiently. However, sometimes owners of businesses do not have the capacity to do all the work needed in order to smoothly operate the business. We help business owners who are facing difficulty in managing their businesses through consultation.
We will not only improve the daily operations of businesses, we also help to increase the performance and production of your business. Analyzing the framework and goals of the business, as well as looking for initial steps to attain the company’s goals, are our primary duties. After knowing your company’s goals and strengths, we can work to solve the present and future problems that may hinder the growth of your business. Sometimes, we advise the owner of a business to train the staff for them to be assets of the business. If the goal to improve the daily operations of the business has already been achieved, then we will start an analysis on how to expand the target market of the business. Choosing the new target market of your business will most likely depend on the business’ location, product, and advertising techniques. We will then do rigorous market research in order to know the products that the consumers want and how they want the product to be advertised.

We will help you create strategies to lower the costs of daily activities in your company and simultaneously boost its revenue. The business processes and strategies that we offer will help to improve the management of your company. If you are struggling to raise the profits of your company, call us for a free consultation. Indeed, having the top business consultants in Edgewater is the first step that our local business owners must take for their businesses to succeed.
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Now is the time to upgrade and save! We have staff available to handle the upgrade installation for you.
For multi-user systems our technology team can facilitate the installation in a host server environment where implementation is a much more complex task requiring advanced networking skills.

If your version of QuickBooks is more than 4 years old, you must upgrade. Neither Intuit or The A.C.T. Group, LLC support earlier versions.

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