Small Business Training in Chicago

We can help you set up your accounting systems, train your staff and prepare you for success.

Our work-flow analysis helps you to identify and address problems, as well as performance gaps that can be corrected through training, which can save you time, money, and stress.
Sometimes it feels as if computers can do anything — except tell you how to use them. And there’s so much to learn: new programs, new versions of programs, and new uses for your existing programs.


Develop Expertise in Business-Oriented Software Programs

  • QuickBooks® Accounting Software
  • Microsoft® Excel
  • Microsoft® Word
  • Microsoft® Office Suite

We Offer One-on-One Training! We can also provide on-line training via telephone to save you time and money!


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QuickBooks Training

We offer different levels of one-on-one training in our office by a QuickBooks Pro Advisor.

  • Beginning: data file creation, introduction and basic data entry
  • Intermediate: sales tax, customized reports, trouble shooting, etc.
  • Advanced: journal entries, data file analysis, payroll, etc.


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Here at the A.C.T. Group, LLC, we understand that any business, whether big or small, depends on its employees for success. Employees are in fact the backbone of the organization and provide the business needed strength. Growth in business involves adapting to changing technologies and environment. However, it is not always easy for employees to embrace change and accustom to it. Small businesses, in particular, face a greater challenge when trying to implement new technologies. Small businesses often don’t have enough resources to invest into market research or other innovations. But, thanks to a readily available market, small businesses can find solutions for their unique needs.

Accounting Software Training
When a small business implements new office programs like document editors, accounting software, inventory management software, payroll management software or project management software, the primary users (in this case employees) need hands-on training. Training helps employees build confidence to quickly adapt to using these new tools in their everyday tasks. Well-trained employees from business consultants can perform their jobs effectively, thus making the business more efficient and profitable. In addition to training the employees with technology management, it is important that they become proficient in skills such as improving customer experience, meeting customer expectations, making effective presentations, and successfully contributing to teamwork. Research has shown that well trained employees often contribute more to the productivity of the organization, and in turn, lead to higher profits.

Business Training ROI
Small businesses tend to consider expenditure on training a luxury, and therefore allow employees to develop skills as they continue to work. However, not many realize that untrained employees are prone to committing more errors. These errors eventually turn out to be costlier for the small business. Investing in training adds to building employee skills for the future. Hence, any capital spend on training must not be viewed as a cost to business. Building employee skills through training will over time reflect in sustained growth of profits for small businesses. Trained people find it easy to adapt to new roles when the business demands. This also helps the business to tide over problems, which are often experienced in the realm of small business.

Advantages of Training Employees
Small businesses often find it hard to retain employees for long. One of the most hidden advantages of training the employees of small businesses is improving employee loyalty. It makes the employees feel that they are indeed valued by their employer. Besides keeping the attrition low, training also helps to cut the cost of re-hiring and re-training. Hence, training is considered a win-win proposition, especially for the small business environment.